Our dinner party was superb thanks to Sophie. I feel so lucky to have found her and my husband and I plan on hosting many more parties thanks to Sophie.
Sophie suggested a variety of interesting menus and dishes. She was patient during our decision-making process. She arrived on time, worked quietly and efficiently and left our kitchen spotless.
Our guests were very impressed, as were we. I could not recommend Sophie more highly.
Ellen B.


It is an honor and a privilege to recommend Sophie as a personal chef, and I do so wholeheartedly and without any reservation.

I found Sophie on craigslist while looking for a chef for a dinner party. Typically, I would never "outsource" this kind of work as I prefer to do it myself - and I often do. I have exceptionally high standards, so I was nervous at first, but Sophie's prompt response to my email, professionalism, and culinary expertise was immediately apparent.

We exchanged a few emails to solidify the menu, and Sophie had mouthwatering suggestions and proposals. She was quick to change course when I told her of certain palate preferences, and of course, she asked first of any allergies and food restrictions.

Sophie is very thorough. She came to my home first to determine the space and evaluate what she needed to bring from her own kitchen. On the day of the event, she came with a simple, elegant demeanor, and a cart full of goodies. The fresh herbs, home baked breads, and all the spices were enough to excite any foodie. I was immediately thrilled.

In the end, the food was exquisite and beautifully styled. Everyone ooh'ed and aaah'ed over the meal. As well, and of equal importance, Sophie's presence was hardly noticed, but very welcome. She is extremely professional, but also tremendously kind and personable. I look forward to having her at future dinner parties, both as a chef and a guest.

Thanks kindly,
Lauren T.


Sophie began working for me last week. Ordinarily she will cook for the week, but last week she put her efforts in cooking for a dinner party I had for 55 people. She was terrific. The food was delicious. She was the consummate professional--organized, efficient, creative and calm. In addition, she is a lovely person and very easy to work with. I recommend her without hesitation.

Miri A.


We highly recommend Sophie for personal chef and/or catering needs. Sophie is great. We hired her to do cooking for us in Paris this summer. Our youngest child has life-threatening food allergies and this was our first trip abroad with him -- hence, we were very nervous about food choices. Fortunately, we were able to connect with Sophie and she provided us with “safe” and delicious meals.

Sophie was completely empathetic to our dietary needs. She prepared wonderful French dishes (we requested French fare) and meticulously listed every ingredient in each dish to confirm the food was okay for our son -- even though we discussed the menu beforehand. In terms of trustworthiness and the like, we would never hesitate to leave Sophie alone in our home. Actually, she was by herself in our Paris apartment for most of the time. The only reason that we did not continue with Sophie in NY is because we already had somebody cooking for us. However, we would definitely consider Sophie for catering a future dinner party.

We have had one awful experience with a personal chef and two very good experiences -- we know a good chef when we meet one. Sophie is quite reliable, responsible and talented with food.

Lisa Y.


Sophie is not only a wonderful chef but also brings grace, generosity, and passion to our kitchen. She has been teaching my son and me the art of French cooking, from the simplest vinaigrette to rich main courses and delicious desserts, all while speaking in French, which creates the perfect hands-on classroom where we sit and eat at the end of our verbs, nouns, and clafoutis!

We look forward to her visits and are amassing quite a vocabulary of food and language. What more could we hope for?! We'd be happy to speak to anyone who's thinking of working with Sophie (as long as you invite us for her dinners!).

Catherine and Cal.